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How can the assailants resolve their predicament?

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A square medieval castle on a square island is under siege. All around the castle there is a square moat 10 meters wide. Due to a regrettable miscalculation the raiders have brought footbridges, which are only 9.5 meters long. The invaders cannot abandon their campaign and return empty-handed.
How can the assailants resolve their predicament?

posted Jul 10, 2014 by Rajneesh

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Two friends hit the accelerator of their respective cars at the same time. Both of them have the same amount of petrol in their respective cars at the time they start. One can drive for 4 hours and the other can drive for 5 hours.
After driving for a while, they analyse that the amount of petrol left in one of their cars is 4 times that of the petrol left in other car.

Can you calculate how long they have been driving their respective cars ?

+1 vote

In the equation below A, B & C represent different digits.

Can you find their value from the given information?

enter image description here

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Aditya is 45 years older than his son Atul. If you find similarities between their ages, both of their ages contains prime numbers as the digits. Also, Aditya age is the reverse of Atul age.

Can you find their ages ?

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Akansha gave Jyotsna as many dollars as Jyotsna started out with.

Jyotsna then gave Akansha back as much as Akansha had left.

Akansha then gave Jyotsna as back as many dollars as Jyotsna had left;

which left Akansha broke and gave Jyotsna a total of $80.00.

How much did Akansha and Jyotsna have at the beginning of their exchange?

+1 vote

There are 3 sisters in a house.

The product of their ages is equal to 175.

If 2 of the sisters are twins, how old is the other one?

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