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How many minutes will there be between their arrival times?

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Car A and car B set off from the same place, at the same time, to travel the same journey.

Car A travels at 50 mph and car B travels at 35 mph.

If the distance the two cars travel is 250 miles, how many minutes will there be between their arrival times?

posted Mar 20 by Basabdatta Mukherjee

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1 Solution

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Answer is 134 minutes.
Speed of A is 50mph
Speed of B is 35mph
Distance to be travelled by both cars is 250miles.
Time taken to cover this distance by both cars:
Speed = Distance/Time
Let t1 be car A time and t2 be car B time.
Car A:
50 = 250/t1
t1 = 250/50 = 5hrs = 300 minutes.
Car B:
35 = 250/t2
t2 = 250/35 = 7.14hrs = 434 minutes.
Minutes will there be between their arrival times is t1~t2 = 134 minutes.

solution Mar 20 by Vigneshvari

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