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Find a two-digit number such that addition of digits is half of the multiplication of digits?

0 votes

Find a two-digit number so that when the digits are added together the answer is one half of the answer you get when the 2 digits are multiplied together.

posted May 16 by anonymous

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1 Solution

0 votes

44, 4*4=2(4+4)

solution May 17 by anonymous

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A four digit positive number having all non-zero distinct digits is such that the product of all the digits is least. If the difference of hundreds digit and tens digit is 1.
How many possibilities are there of such number?

–1 vote

I am thinking of a five digit number such that:
First and last digits are same, their submission is an even number and multiplication is an odd number and is equal to the fourth number. Subtract five from it and we obtain the second number. Then divide into exact half nd we get 3rd number.

What number I am thinking of?

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