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Who will be the Anjali's Date ?

+2 votes
  • Of the preferred traits - tall, dark and handsome - no two of Rahul, Raj, Chunk and Salman have the same number.
  • Only Rahul or Salman is tall and fair.
  • Only Raj or Chunk is short and handsome.
  • Rahul and Chunk are either both tall or both short.
  • Raj and Salman are either both dark or both fair.

Who is Anjali's date?

posted Mar 19, 2014 by Hiteshwar Thakur

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Five girls are not in complete agreement about the date of the Math test.

Andrea says it will be in August, 16th, Monday;
Daniela says it will be in August, 16th, Tuesday;
Fernanda says it will be in September, 17th, Tuesday;
Patricia says it will be in August, 17th, Monday;
Tatiane says it will be in September, 17th, Monday.

Only one of them is completely right. The others guessed at least one of these information correctly: the month, the day or the weekday.

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I never was , I always to be . no one ever saw me n nor ever will . And yet I'm the confidence of all . To live and to breath on this terrestrial ball .

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In an office's desk, you find a unique method that shows the current day of the month. Two numbered cubes are used to depict the current date.

Can you find out the numbers on both the cubes so that each date can be mentioned using them?

Please note that you have to use both the cubes to display any date. Thus the 1st day must be represented by 01 and so on.

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Suhana promised Kajal today that she will tell Kajal a big secret on the day before four days from the day after tomorrow. If today is Saturday the 13th, on what day and date will Suhana tell Kajal her big secret?

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