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Which word did you see first?

+1 vote
posted Apr 1, 2014 by Luv Kumar

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Last Saturday Mohan went for the late night show and came late. In the morning family members asked him which movie did he see. He gave different answers to everyone.
He told to his father that he had gone to see MONEY.
According to his mom, he saw either JOHNY or BABLU.
His elder brother came to know that he saw BHABI.
To his sister, he told ROBOT.
And his grandpa heard that he saw BUNNY.
Thus, Milan gave six movie names, all five letter words. But he saw some other movie with five letter word. Moreover, each of the six movie names mentioned above has exactly two letters common with the movie he saw. (with the same positions)

Can you tell which movie did Milan see?

+1 vote

I am a six letter word.
If I did not exist, you wouldn't be either.
With my first letter omitted I am an alternative.
The last three letters are feminine.
My first four letters make an insect.

Who am I?

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