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These words belong to the same logical family:..............................Which of these words does too?

0 votes

These words belong to the same logical family:

Which of these words does too?

posted Jun 29, 2015 by Prachi Sharma

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0 votes

There are four tribes in an island.

The Pukkas who always tell the truth;
The Wotta-Woppas who never tell the truth;
The Shilli-Shallas who make statements which are alternatively true & false or false & true and
The Jokers whose rules when three statements are made are any rules that are different from any of the other three tribes.

This puzzle is with four men A, B, C and D one from each tribe. B, C and D speak as follows:

1. I am a Joker
2. C sometimes tells the truth
3. D is a Pukka

1. A is a Pukka

1. B is a Joker

Although A is missing in making statements, you should be able to find the tribes to which these four men belong with good logical reasoning.

0 votes

Given below are 2 hints from which you have to guess the words or phrases.

  1. Keats Keats
  2. Lunch Fre4nch Sir Vase
0 votes

One of the four words does not belong with the other three.

Which Word Does Not Belong? &

What is it that the others have in common?

  1. Carrots, radishes, potatoes, cabbages
  2. April, December, November, June
  3. Cirrus, calculus, cumulus, stratus
  4. Green, yellow, red, blue
  5. Fork, comb, rake, shovel
0 votes

Five of the six listed words share a common characteristic. Which word does not belong?

  1. fantasy
  2. smother
  3. smidge
  4. stick
  5. bunker
  6. smite
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