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Which coins did he have?

0 votes

Ram had six coins in the pocket of his jeans. It was a sum of Rs. 1.15.

When He was asked by a shopkeeper for change, He was unable to give change for a rupee and five paisa.

Which coins did he have?

posted Jul 7, 2015 by Vrije Mani Upadhyay

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A French couple celebrates their 50th anniversary with a trip to Florida. One night they buy a bottle of wine that, even by French standards, is premium. They buy it with 130 Euros, and the exchange rate that day is 1.35 dollars per Euro. The restaurant charges a 3 percentage-point premium to exchange currencies. The wine was priced at $171.22 American, and the couple got five American coins back as change.

Which five coins did they get?

0 votes

A generous boy wanted to give sweets to his classmates.

He offered 9 sweets to each boy and 12 sweets to each girl.

One third of the boys in the class accepted the sweets but only one quarter of the girls had the sweets.

If the boy gave out 87 sweets, how many classmates did he have?

+1 vote

An archaeologist is searching some caves and discovers two frozen people that have somehow remained completely intact. He immediately recognizes them and knows that they are Adam and Eve, the first two people.

How did he know this?

+1 vote

A man took a cab from his home to reach office. On the way back, he took a cab again. When he had reached his office, he paid 1/6th of what he had in his wallet and when he returned home, he paid 1/5th of what he had left in his wallet. In the first trip the fare was $60.
How much money did he initially have and how much is left with him now?

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