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Complete This 6 Letter Word _h_a_t

+1 vote

Complete This 6 Letter Word _h_a_t

1. Girls love it.
2. Boys like it.
3. Parents respect it.

posted Aug 26, 2015 by anonymous

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4 Solutions

0 votes

However this does not fit in the requirement of this question, waiting for others to comment.

solution Aug 27, 2015 by Salil Agrawal
0 votes

the answer is "thwart"
which means prevent (someone) from accomplishing something.

"he never did anything to thwart his father"

solution Sep 5, 2015 by anonymous
0 votes

The answer must be THWART which stands for 'prevent (someone) from accomplishing something.'

solution Mar 11, 2016 by Ashutosh Kumar Anand
How it fits into
1. Girls love it
2. Boys like it.
3. Parents respect it.
Actually I'm not fully satisfied with this answer.
But when I gone through Oxford dictionary, I find nothing but this(thwart) which fits tha blanks exactly.
Adjective of thwart 'to stop' which makes no sense to conditions of this problem.
But Noun of thwart stands for something like *UNDISCOURAGED* which makes some sense as
1. Girls always like something that never changes it's nature.
2.boys like something challenging that is not easy to be done.  And
3. Parents(older citizens) always respects that is made not to be changed.

This is all I had in mind while putting this word here.

Thank you :)
What is answer
I think its fills with these letters also that is theart the-art
0 votes

Chhaat is a Hindi word which means protection
Girls Love protected by Boys. Boys like to protect girls, Parents respect them who give protection.

solution Dec 4, 2016 by Atindra Kumar Nath

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