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How many minutes is it before 12 noon if 16 minutes ago it was three times as many minutes after 9 am?

+1 vote
posted Jun 10, 2014 by Harshita Dhaliwal

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2 Solutions

0 votes

Difference between 9 AM and 12 Noon is 180 minutes.

Now assume that:

X is the time 16 minutes ago which is also 3 times after 9 am.

So it will become:

X + 16 + 3X = 180
4X + 16 = 180
4X = 180 - 16
4X = 164
X = 164/4
X = 41 minutes

solution Jun 11, 2014 by Ritika
0 votes

Lolss...a lill'bit tricky though but I figured it out...
The minutes there from 9am - 12pm = 180 minuets.
180 x 3 = 540
So if we calculate,it'd down at 3am.
The statement was made 16 minutes after 3am.
Therefore,540 minuets are there before 12pm.

solution Aug 13, 2014 by anonymous

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If I said that in three days' time it would be a Thursday, I am sure that most of you would have no difficulty telling me that today was a Monday.

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