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Two vessels A and B contain milk and water mixed in the ratio 5:2 and 8:5 respectively...

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Two vessels A and B contain milk and water mixed in the ratio 5:2 and 8:5 respectively. Find the ratio in which these mixture are to be mixed to get a new mixture containing milk and water in the ratio 9:4.

posted Jan 15, 2016 by anonymous

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1 Answer

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Best answer

Let the C.P. of milk be Re. 1 per litre
Milk in 1 litre mix in A = 5/7 litre
Milk in 1 litre mix in B = 8/13 litre
Milk in 1 litre mix. of this mix = 9/13 litre
C.P. of litre mix in A = Rs 5/7
C.P. of 1 litre mix in B = Rs. 8/13
Mean Price = Rs. 9/13
Mix in A : Mix in B = 1/13 : 9/91 = 7:2

answer Jan 16, 2016 by Jaspalsingh Parmar

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