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How many nails does the carpenter use?

0 votes

A 30" x 30" square metal plate needs to be fixed by a carpenter on to a wooden board. The carpenter uses nails all along the edges of the square such that there are 31 nails on each side of the square. Each nail is at the same distance from the neighboring nails.
How many nails does the carpenter use?

posted Jun 16, 2014 by Akriti

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1 Solution

0 votes

Answer: 120

Let consider each corner consists 1 nails so nails in the corner =4,
To count the 31 nails each edge need to put just 29 more nails at each edge , so nails
29 X 4 = 116.

so the total Nails = 116 + 4 = 120.

solution Jun 19, 2014 by Sanjeet Kumar

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