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What is the remainder when 32^32^32 is divided by 9?

0 votes
posted Apr 20 by anonymous
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1 Solution

+2 votes
Best answer

Answer : 4

(32^32^32)mod9 = ((-4)^32^32))mod 9

= (4^32^32)mod 9 (given that minus to even power is positive) ---- (i)

(4^1)mod9 = 4
(4^2)mod9 = 7
(4^3)mod9 = 1
(4^4)mod9 = 4
and so on..

A pattern of 4,7,1 will be repeated
4^(3k+1) will leave remainder 4 when divided by 9
4^(3k+2) will leave remainder 7 when divided by 9
4^(3k) will leave remainder 1 when divided by 9

Now 32 = (3*10 + 2))

Therefore, continuing from (i)
= (4^(3k+2)^32)mod9
= (4^32)mod9

solution Apr 21 by Asmita Gupta

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