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Find the last two non zero digits in 2017!

0 votes
posted 6 days ago by anonymous
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A four digit positive number having all non-zero distinct digits is such that the product of all the digits is least. If the difference of hundreds digit and tens digit is 1.
How many possibilities are there of such number?

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I have 5 real numbers whose product is non-zero. Now, I increase each of the 5 numbers by 1 and again multiply all of them.
Is it possible that this new product is the same as the non-zero number obtained earlier?

(Explain your answer may be with an example)

+2 votes

Its a 4 digit Car Plate Number: KL45 - _ _ _ _
1. Last digit is double of First digit.
2. Second digit & Third digits are the same.
3. Last two digit is the double of the First Two digit.

So whats the Car plate No.
KL45 - _ _ _ _

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