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Can you find four consecutive numbers which add up to 10?, 14?, 50?, 106? Is there a quick way to find them?

0 votes
posted Jan 12 by anonymous

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2 Answers

0 votes

I would divide the number by 4, and then subtract 1.5 and.5 for the first two numbers, then adding .5 and 1.5 for the third and fourth numbers.

answer Jan 14 by Ian D
–1 vote

Let n be the first number. Then the next number is n+1. Then n+2 and n+3. So:
So, if x is 10, then n is 1. If you're using x,y then y=4x+6. So, 50=4x+6; 44=4x, x=11, and the four numbers are 11,12,13,14. Etc......

answer Jan 12 by anonymous

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