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What is the name of the Flat ?

0 votes

In an apartment, there are over 100 flats.
Flat-1 is named first flat.
Flat-2 is named second flat.
Flat-3 is named third flat.

A visitors 'Anmol' decides to walk through all the flats, he finds all the flats except flat-62.
Anmol later founds that the secretary of the apartment have given it another name.

What is the name of the Flat ?

posted Mar 13 by Atif

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1 Answer

0 votes

Sixty second flat ===> 60 second flat ====> 1 minute flat.

answer Mar 13 by Tejas Naik

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Captain Phillips is the captain of this famous ship.
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A new girl came in Class.
Everyone asked for her name ,
But she did not tell her name to anyone.
While leaving the class she wrote a date on the Board.


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