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How can the couples arrange themselves so that they all sit where they would like?

0 votes

Four couples are going to the movies. Each row holds eight seats. Bhavana and Ramesh don't want to sit next to Alia and Saurabh, and Alia and Saurabh don't want to sit next to Garima and Gaurav. On the other hand, Shahana and Sajid don't want to sit next to Bhavana and Ramesh.

How can the couples arrange themselves so that they all sit where they would like?

posted Oct 15, 2014 by Manish Tiwari

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1 Solution

+1 vote

bhavana ramesh, next Garima Gaurav followe by Shahana and Sajid and lastly Alia and Saurabh

solution Oct 16, 2014 by Lakshmi Ramprakash

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Numbers to be arranged

_ + _ = _ 
_ + _ = _ 
_ + _ = _ 
_ + _ = _ 

Fill the blanks with numbers above, so:
* The 4 additions are right.
* All numbers must be used.
* If we turn the additions upside down, they are still right.
* You can rotate any numbers too, example 1091 -> 1601.

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