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Which word in the dictionary is spelled incorrectly?

0 votes
posted Oct 15, 2014 by Nikhil Pandey

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2 Solutions

+3 votes

incorrectly should be the ans

solution Oct 16, 2014 by Double S
+3 votes

Incorrectly , this the word that spelled incorrectly in the dictionary

solution Feb 26, 2015 by Tanmoy Debnath

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What was written in the dictionary?

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Give word which has both meaning.

  1. Pencil brand & lord of dance
  2. Birth sign in english & Type of disease.
  3. Name of soap & a musical instrument
  4. A car brand & Lord Ramas devote.
  5. Name of fruit & name of shoe polish.
  6. Mobile brand & fruit name.
  7. Name of bulb company & Source of energy.
  8. A shoe Company & underground train.
  9. Watch brand & Resident of country.
  10. Mineral watch company & Mountain range.
  11. Name of bird & Beer brand.
  12. Name of fuel / clothing company
  13. tree / toothpaste
  14. famous monument / Tea brand

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