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I'm called by three letters Though I have a long name. I'm in all of you, .....................What am i ?

0 votes

I'm called by three letters
Though I have a long name.
I'm in all of you,
But I'm never the same.

I'm all coiled up
So that I am quite small,
But if you stretch me out
I'll be really tall.

I could be the root
Of certain disease;
If man can unlock me
He'll solve many mysteries.

What am i ?

posted Nov 4, 2014 by Basabdatta Mukherjee

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1 Solution

+3 votes

deoxyribonucleic acid

solution Nov 4, 2014 by Amit Kumar Pal

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I'm called a man,
But I'll never have a wife.
I was given a body,
But not given life.
They made me a mouth,
But I wasn't given breath.
Water gives body,
And sun gives me death.
What am I?

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I'm not always around. I'm big but I look small. Many want to be called by my name and many are called by my name. What am I?

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I am cousin to a guy by the name of fever,
A bit weird I know, but I'm no deceiver,
Proclaiming me isn't smart,
I cause things to not start,
But do shout me if asked "you a Belieber?"
What word am I?

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