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How can you get just 4 liters of water using only these two jugs?

+2 votes

You are standing next to a well, and you have two jugs. One jug has a content of 3 liters and the other one has a content of 5 liters.
How can you get just 4 liters of water using only these two jugs?

posted May 2, 2014 by Aastha Joshi

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3 Solutions

+2 votes

Put 2 3 liter in 5 liter jug. So u have 1 liter in 3 liter jug. Empty 5 liter and put remaining 1 liter to 5 liter. Then get 3 liter from well and now u have 4 liter

solution May 2, 2014 by Muniprasad
+1 vote

Fill in the 3L jug and pore the water in the 5L jug.
Again Fill the 3L jug and pore the water in 5L jug till the rim, Now you'll have 1L left in the 3L jug.
Empty the 5L jug and pore the 1L from 3L Jug to 5L.
Now again fill the 3L jug and pore that completely into 5L jug.
That will make a total of 4L in the 5L jug.

solution Aug 7, 2015 by anonymous
0 votes

First take 5 lit of water in 5 lit can Then pour it to 3 lit can. After pouring 3 lit in the 3 lit can. 2 lit will remain in 5 lit can. Now empty the 3 lit can. And pour that remaining 2 lit water from 5 lit can into the empty 3 lit can. Now the 3 lit container can be filled with more 1 lit of water as it is filled with only 2 lit. Now again fill the 5 lit can and from that pour 1 lit to the 3 lit can. After pouring 1 lit the 3 lit can will be full. So, the remaining water in 5 lit container is 4 lit.

solution Jul 29, 2016 by Mahitosh Sarangi

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