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Can you find the gemstones hidden in the following story?

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Can you find the gemstones hidden in the following story?

There's never a dull moment here at Exit Strategy, a shipping company that specializes in exotic items.

President Bill Lading proudly opened the monthly managerial meeting. "I see we netted a new account: Crane Origami. Lee?"

Lee Ward, Director of Marketing, was a proud as a peacock. "Yes, Bill, our commitment to EXTERNAL AID campaigns has paid off. Crane Origami is the newest sponsor of the Make a Wish Foundation, and they need A SHIPPER who won't fold under pressure."

"Well, that's us," smiled Bill. "What is our commitment to Crane?"

"The contract is for 1000 pallets a month, Bill," replied Lee.

"Oh my! You are just trying to BURY me in paperwork!" laughed warehouse manager Steve Dore.

"All for a good cause, Steve," replied Lee. "Besides, this will offset our losses on the HP account. The sauce business is worse this year."

"You are in fine form today, Lee" giggled Hazel Matt, Safety Officer. "Must you always pun-ish us so?"

Lee rewarded Hazel with a MAD LEER. "Only when you bewitch me, Hazel dear!"

"OK, OK," Bill sputtered through his Earl Grey tea. "Let's get back to business. Do you have that quarterly report, Mick?"

Mick Emaus, Distribution Manager, slid a sheaf of papers down the table. "There you go, mate. All orders processed within benchmark times."

Customer Service manager Peter Pan piped up, "I've received three calls about a missing boomerang shipment, Mick. You told me you sent them out yourself last week."

"I DID," MOANed Mick, "but I can't make THEM STAY there - they keep coming back!"

"Oh my head," groaned Bill. "We must have earned the punniest meeting award by now!"

"It's not QUITE OURS yet, Bill", quipped Hazel. "I've submitted the minutes from our last 10 meetings to the Guinness site. I thought we'd win for sure, but no pun in ten did!"

"Meeting adjourned!"

posted Apr 22, 2015 by Aarati Mahajan

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