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If all Borks are Grogs and all Grogs are Snorts, are all Snorts Borks ?

0 votes
posted Jun 12, 2015 by Upma

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If all the below statement are true

  1. Gianni was either in Italy or France in 1997.
  2. If Gianni did not kill Versace, then Hilton must have killed him.
  3. If Versace died of suffocation, then either Gianni killed him or Versace committed suicide.
  4. If Gianni was in Italy in 1997, then Gianni did not kill Versace.
  5. Versace died of suffocation, but he did not kill himself.

Who killed Versace and where was Gianni in 1997 ?

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One Cock, One Hen and 5 chickens were crossing a road, Suddenly a truck comes, but they remain safe, one of the chicken says, Thank good, all eight of us are safe. How Eight ?

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A dad and his four boys stand in line.
All crowned, they toil in darkness.
Another family they see, two birds of a feather.
All of them together clad in leather.

What are they?

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