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Guess me :Fate has decided that you will only be pleased to meet me when you need me May be thats why, when I am ......

+1 vote

Fate has decided that you will only be pleased to meet me when you need me

May be thats why, when I am working, I start working

However annoying I may be to the regulars, the little ones are always inspired

I will always be waiting, if you try to reach me

How many of you can guess my name ?

posted Jun 22, 2015 by Karan Joglekar

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1 Solution

+1 vote

RESULT: I am Ambulance

solution Jun 22, 2015 by Mohammed Hussain

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I'm assumed to be a gift that's priceless, that can't be bought or sold. My value is far greater than a mountain made of gold.
What am I?

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You'll seek me when you are in need,
though I won't be found if you act on greed.
Some will collect as many of me as possible.
Others will only need one of me to feel full.
I wont confine you to an area, but maybe a zone.
I've seen your sides that are rarely shown.
What am I?

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If you or your party need a fill
I may be able to fit the bill

If the time you have isn't that much
Then your feet and my floor need not touch

My prices won't empty your coffer
Also convenience do I offer

If you want your date to be impressed
This choice of venue may not be best

What am I?

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When you say that I'm feathery, that's quite clearly wrong,
If I come from the trees then you can join me in song.

I've nothing to wag, but you imply that I do,
I have nothing to sell, but you suggest that's untrue.

You say I'm unwell if I give you no prize,
If you ensnare me I'll bring tears to your eyes.

You say that I'm angry when I turn to the side,
But call me divine and you'd better all hide.

Question: Who or what am I?

0 votes

I repel the bad spirits when I'm put on the sill.
You may put me on food and in oceans I fill.
I may cause you bad luck when you make me spill.
When touched, your tongue would get one big thrill.

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