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What least number must be subtracted from each of the number 14, 17, 34, 42 so that the remainder may be proportional?

0 votes
posted Jul 6, 2015 by anonymous

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1 Solution

+2 votes
Best answer

14-x, 17-x, 34-x and 42-x to be proportional
14-x 34-x
----- = -------
17-x 42-x
=>(14-x)(42-x) = (34-x)(17-x)
=>14*42 -56x +x^2 = 34*17 -51x + x^2
=>14*42-34*17 = 5x
=>2(294-289) => 10= 5x or x=2
so 12 15 32 and 40 will be proportional.

solution Jul 6, 2015 by Rupali Dadhe
thanks salil sir

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